"There can be miracles when you believe....
For with God nothing shall be impossible


"Ask and you shall receive! Knock and it shall be open to you!"
said Our Lord.

He always knows our inner most needs, but encourages us to make prayerful requests. 

Just as an earthly father appreciates a loving request, so does our heavenly Father invite us to prayer for one another.

"You Are Mine" Song

by David Haas
© GIA Publishing
Used with permission
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Bless Our Baby

Bless the sun and birds that fly,
That our eyes will never cry.
Bless the rain that comes in the fall,
That our child will be able to crawl.

Bless the blossoms that bloom in spring,
That our child will be able to sing.
Bless the stories that I may tell,
That our child will hear them well.

Bless the wasps and honey bees,
That our child will be able to see.
Bless the colored leaves that fall,
That our child will grow nice and tall.

May God always bless our child dear,
That our child and us will always be near.

Copyright ©2008 ThereseAnn Siegle

I Can Only Imagine

Pray as you go

May You Be Blessed


This web site is here to provide the following:

  • Inspirational faith-building stories and links

  • The most current updates on Natalia (see blog below)

  • Link to Living with Trisomy 13 - Photos of children, Information, Support and Links for those affected by Trisomy 13

Our Natalia

Since Natalia's birth and genetic profile/diagnosis of FULL Trisomy 13  on August 25, 2000 our lives have been filled with the healing power of prayer, new friends and an amazing trisomy 13 journey. The first year was the most difficult, adjusting to the many changes a special needs child brings. But as the years have progressed, wečve come to feel very blessed to have a child with such an amazing soul. She is love in the purest form, truly a gift from God. She has not only blessed our lives but many whočve come in contact with her.

What is Trisomy 13 Syndrome? What is Patau Syndrome?
Medline Plus
A service of the U.S. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE and the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH suggested Treatment for Trisomy 13 ~ Medical management of children with Trisomy 13 is planned on a case-by-case basis and depends on the individual circumstances of the patient.

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Natalia's Kindergarten photo
Nov. 2005 - Full Trisomy 13

Natalia's ~ Video and slideshow



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